GNS - Good Night System

GNS - Good Night System



GNS, the only true solution to be able to sleep. Your smartphone supervises the observatory from outside, and wakes you up in case of problems.



GNS is integrated with the main automation programs  (CCDCommander, ACP, Maxpilote y CCDAutoPilot),  and checks tasks such as opening the dome or roof, cooling the CCD, etc... 


First of all, there's a small PC software program to be installed in your observatory control computer; this program knows nothing about astronomy, ASCOM, CCDs, etc., think of it as a dumb assistant. It will just count down, and tell the smartphone app how things are going.

From our CCD control program, or automation software, or whatever we are using, we'll keep the PC software up to date of how things are going, allotting time for each task (this is automatically done by some programs, read the FAQ below for a list of supported software).

GNS monitors the observatory from outside, and wakes you up in case of problems.

With the GNS you can go to sleep with confidence :)


  GNS de lunatico

GNS de lunatico



More information about the GNS, here.

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GNS Nap Edition





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  Windows software (free) - includes user's manual  


(From XP to Windows 8, 32 & 64 bit editions).

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Complete user's manual in PDF format.



GNS de lunatico                                                                GNS de lunatico


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