Seletek Armadillo 2 controller

Seletek Armadillo 2 controller

(DosA: 1 Amperio)

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Now you can check online Seletek users' manual

The Seletek Armadillo is Lunatico's astronomical peripheral controller

The Armadillo supports all features of the previous SELETEK version:

  • Focusing, up to two motors at the same time
  • Filter wheel managing, up to two at the same time
  • ... or one filter wheel and one focus motor
  • Automated cooling fan control
  • Independent control of any controller pin, manual or automated (depending on temperature delta), useful not only for fan control but also for dew heater bands.
  • Control of the VSI's "Zerotator"
  • Seletek Lunatico Seletek à la carte allows you to customize your Seletek (original or Armadillo) to match you specific needs
  • And we can make other utilities we could detect from your suggestions, please contact us in


besides, Armadillo, also includes:

  • a new, bombproof usb connection,
  • firmware update dedicated mini-usb port (since software version 3.0 / firmware 2.0 - released summer 2010 - this mini-USB is no longer needed; one you have these versions installed, you'll perform all future upgrades using the normal (big) USB cable)
  • a more accurate temperature sensor, and
  • extra internal isolation for more security
Click here to download Seletek, Armadillo and Platipus software.    Seletek Armadillo Platypus Lunatico


Software is free, you can download from here, and if you want take a look at the Armadillo online help, please click here.

It includes output for two motors, several digital and analog inputs, and two temperature sensors (one internal, included, and an optional external, one), and its first use was for the control of a focus motor (but as already said it now controls two motors or filter wheels or combination), the one supplied by Lunático or others in the market (Robofocus or Moonlite and now even FeatherTouch's motors currently supported). USB connection to PC (no need of RS232 port).


Besides, with Seletek à la carte you can customize your Seletek to match you specific needs,

you decides the peripherals you want control:

  • dew heating bands (from our Zerodew system or others)
  • even a dew heater controller (using a relay)
  • the astronomy green laser pointer
  • the mirror cooling fans
  • any 12V powered device, using a relay

Seletek Lunatico

Some sample screens of Seletek:

Seletek Armadillo Platypus Lunatico Seletek Armadillo Platypus Lunatico
         Seletek Armadillo Platypus Lunatico Seletek Armadillo Platypus Lunatico


Lunatico Seletek has been designed and is manufactured in Spain by Lunatico Astronomía.

Technical specifications:

  • CPU: Atmel AT91SAM7X256
  • Inputs: 5 analogical-digital inputs (1 for the temperature external sensor, 4 available and protected by optocouplers)
  • Outputs: 8 power digital outputs (up to 1A), 4 in every connector.
  • 10 bit (0-1024) ADC
  • PC connection through USB
  • Size: 145 * 96 * 45 mm (including DB9 connectors)
  • External power supply from 12 to 14 V dc (depending on the motor used), ypically 12 V dc
  • The software supports any current Windows version (XP, Vista, 7, 32bit, 64bit)
  • ASCOM compliant software
  • Will work with FocusMax, MaximDL, CCDCommander, ACP, CCD AutoPilot...  and any ASCOM aware astronomy software


Seletek includes the following cables:

  • USB 2.0 cable (controller to PC conection)
  • Power supply cable for car lighter plug, 2m long (if you need other length, please let us know (


  • How can I ...
    • Control a "step and dir" controller.
    • Controlling a DC motor with the Seletek Armadillo
    • Upgrade to new software and firmware versions (sw 3.0, fw 2.0)
    • Use two Atik motorized filter wheels
    • Control cooling fans and dew heaters
    • Control an Atik Motorized FW with the Seletek
    • Erase Seletek's firmware the hard way
    • Update the firmware with ATMEL's utilities

    Visit our web to know more.


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Product no. DosA Price
ACNSEL02-1A 1 Amperio 229.70 € *
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Product Note Price
12V DC - 2A Power supply 12V DC - 2A Power supply
19.50 € *
Seletek upon request Seletek upon request
Hand pad for Seletek Hand pad for Seletek
31.80 € *
Cable to control scope Fans with Seletek Cable to control scope Fans with Seletek
18.45 € *
Temperature sensor in motor cable Temperature sensor in motor cable
31.80 € *
Seletek temperature sensor in DB9-DB9 Seletek temperature sensor in DB9-DB9
31.80 € *
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