Now that we are at bigger premises, we're offering a custom parts service: adaptors, extension tubes, …



cris-esc.jpgIn summary, we can manufacture that impossible to find part.


For the moment we can machine any cyilindrical part up to 80mm in diameter (3”+), with internal and external, metric / imperial / UN, threads; also aluminum plates, any thickness, up to 30x15 cm in lenght (12”x6”).

We have sample parts and matching threads for most astronomy parts, and work with aluminum and black acetal; and of course we know the business.

Now we have also added a 3D printer to our tools, so we can make many more parts, easier.

Some examples here.

taller lunáticoKnobs tailor-made.

taller lunáticoCA35 Takahashi adapter to T-thread .

taller Lunático

Coupling piece for Seletek System geared stepper motor for Celestron C8.

taller Lunático

Coupling piece for Seletek System geared stepper motor for Long Perng v.1.

taller Lunático

Fitting piece for Tecnosky 2" Focuser for refractors in SkyWatcher tube.


















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