Camera Luna-QHY 8L: CCD with accesories

Camera Luna-QHY 8L: CCD with accesories

QHY8L is a compact and light weight one shot APS size CCD camera.


With Super HAD technology and its two stage cooling system and the active cooling fan the dark noise of QHY8L is extremely low. The 6.05um*6.05um pixel size is idea for high resolution and high sensitivity deep sky imaging. The 400g weight and 63mm diameter make QHY8L very suitable for Hyper Star Imaging. The QHY8L is based on QHYCCD's high speed and low readout CCD technology. It will produce high SNR imaging for deep sky imaging.

Samples images, courtesy of Javier Mora Rubio (click on image to enlarge):

Ngc 2359 Casco de Thor, QHY8L control Maxim, exposure 39x600 bining 1x1, with master dark and flats.

luna-qhy 8L

IC-443, QHY8L, exposure 35x600sg Binning x1, with darks, no flats.

luna-qhy 8L

Ngc 4490, QHY8L control Maxim, exposure 33X600sg. + 10X900sg -20º.

luna-qhy 8L

M 35 y Ngc 2158, QHY8L control Maxim, exposure 7X600sg. -30º /No Darks.

luna-qhy 8L

Main Features:

  • CCD sensor: ICX413AQ
  • CCD size: Typical 1.8inch(APS size)
  • Total pixel: 3110*2030 (This is the physical array value. The actual output image size depends on the software)
  • Effective pixel: 3000*2000
  • Pixel size: 7.8um*7.8um
  • Effective Area: 25.10*17.64mm
  • CCD readout Type: 2 field (1*1binning), Progressive Scan (2*2,4*4binning)
  • Peak QE: 60%@geen.50%@red and blue
  • Anti Blooming Gate: Yes,-100dB
  • Bayer pattern: GBRG
  • Capture Download Speed:
    • 10sec (1*1binning),
    • 5sec (2*2binning),
  • Preview speed:
    • 2sec (4*4binning),
    • 2sec (1*1binning),
    • 1sec (2*2binning),
    • 0.5sec (4*4binning)
  • Support Binning: 1*1, 2*2, 4*4
  • Readout speed: 600kpixel/s, 3Mpixel/s
  • Readout NoiseTypical: 8-10e-
  • System Gain: 0.5e-/ADU
  • CDS: Yes
  • ADC: 16bit
  • Cooling: Single stage TEC
  • Fan: Build in Active Fan
  • Maximum Delta T: 40degree below ambient
  • Temperature regular:Yes
  • Power consumption:
    • Minimum (TEC OFF) 2Watt,
    • TEC=50% 12Watt,
    • Maximum (TEC=100%) 22 Watte
  • Input voltage: DC12V(Input to DC201 adapter)
    Safe Range(11V-13.5V) [If input voltage exceed 12V (eg. Using battery just charged). Check the ?TEC protection? options in software.]
  • DC201 con TEC controller/Regular
  • Telescope Interface: M42/0.75 screw & 2inch T ring
  • Maximum Center adjustment: +-0.5mm
  • Maximum Tile adjustment: 1Degree
  • CCD sensor to front location surface: 20mm(without tile adjust ring), 23mm(with tile adjust ring)
  • Weight (Camera body only, without DC201 and cables): 390g (without tile adjust ring), 425g (with tile adjust ring)
  • Camera size: Diameter=63mm, Length=129mm
  • Guide port: Build in Optic isolated guide port RJ11 6pin(ST4 type) (Optional depends on software support)
  • External removable Silicon tube: Yes

Difference between QHY- Luna 8Pro and 8L cameras:

  • Luna-QHY 8Pro ....... Sensor ICX453 Progressive Scan
  • Luna-QHY 8L .......... Sensor ICX413 Two field readout

Mechanical Drawing:

luna-qhy 8L

The camera is ready to be used:

  • With supply cables and a car lighter adaptor
  • With a Center/Tilt adjust ring
  • With a DC201

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Silicon gel tube for Luna-QHY cameras Silicon gel tube for Luna-QHY cameras
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DC-201S Power Controller for Luna-QHY 8L DC-201S Power Controller for Luna-QHY 8L
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