Luna-QHY 290: ColdMOS with accesories

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Luna-QHY 290: ColdMOS with accesories

Luna-QHY 290 Monochrome camera. ColdMOS camera, cooled, usb3.0. For planetary and deep sky astroimaging.


Back Illumenlated CMOS Sensor

An extremely high sensitivity BSI CMOS sensor IMX290 is installed in QHY290 camera.This sensor has very high QE and 0.7e very low readout noise.

128MB DDR Buffer
No one want to lost frame at long exposure capturing. As the member of QHYCCD high pixel cmos camera, QHY163M/C has the build-in 128MB DDRII image buffer. This buffer has great helping for big image transfer and prevents the frame lost under long exposure.  This buffer also makes the smoothly running on some low speed computer or on the USB2.0 port.

Fully Anti-Dew Solution
With more than ten years experience on cooled CCD camera design. QHYCCD applied the fully anti-dew technology to this camera including the fully air proof CMOS chamber with silicon gel tube socket and the CMOS window heater. With these technology you doe not need worry about the dew form on both CMOS sensor and the optic windows, even in a high humidity environment.

qhy cooled cmos

Main Features

  • Cmos sensor: 1/2.8inch SONY BSI CMOS sensor
  • Effective Pixels: 1920*1080
  • Pixel Size: 2.9um*2.9um
  • Effective Area: 5.6*3.1mm
  • Shutter: Electric Rolling Shutter.
  • FullWell: Typical 15ke
  • QE: TBD
  • Readout Noise: 3.2e@low gain    0.75e@high gain
  • System Gain: TBD
  • Unity Gain: TBD
  • Frame Rate (on 8bit): 135FPS@1920*1080   220FPS@960*540     460FPS@480*270
  • ROI Support: Yes. Any Area ROI
  • Exposure Time: 50us-1800sec
  • AD Sample Depth: 10bit/12bit (8bit/12bit output)
  • On Camera Image Buffer: Yes, 128MB DDRII Buffer
  • Cooling: 2-stage TEC, Typical -40 below Ambient. Temperature Regulated
  • Power: USB Powered for camera and +12V powered for TEC
  • Anti Dew Control: Air Connector for removable silicon gel tube. Heat board for optic window of airproof CCD chamber
  • Computer Interface: USB3.0 Super Speed
  • Telescope Interface: M42/0.75&2inch adapter. Optional C-mount adapter
  • Color Wheel Port: 4PIN QHYCFW2 socket
  • Guide Port: 6PIN RJ11 Guide Port
  • Optic Window: AR+AR (Mono)    IR+AR(Color)
  • Power consumption: TBD
  • Weight: 450g
  • QHY290 Electric Interface: 12V input with lock, USB3.0 socket, 4PIN QHYCFW, 6PIN RJ11

The camera is ready to be used:

  • Camera QHY 290M
  • Cables (USB 3.0, Self-locking power cable, 6pin guide cable and Car power adapter)
  • Drying tube + Desiccant
  • M42/1.25inch adaptor

Here the user manual of the camera.


Saturn Captured at 2017.4.26 by Chrisopher Go, before the  Cassini's first-ever dive through the narrow gap between the planet Saturn and its rings

For more information Lunático Astronomy Forum




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